Leo: A Life

by Leo Kolber with L. Ian MacDonald


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Politics, People & Potpourri

by L. Ian MacDonald (2009)

In this collection, L. Ian MacDonald looks at Canadian and American politics and the principal players and events over the last decade. Along the way, MacDonald’s clear and lively prose covers topics from politics to cottages, while profiling people as diverse as Jean Béliveau and Bernard Derome.

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From Bourassa to Bourassa: Wilderness to Resoration

by L. Ian MacDonald (2002)

The story of the Quebec Liberal Party during its wilderness years between the 1976 election of the Parti Québécois and its return to power in 1985, through to Robert Bourassa's retirement as party leader in 1994.

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Free Trade: Risks and Rewards

edited by L. Ian MacDonald (2000)

A timely look at one of the most important public policy decisions taken in North America this past century.

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Mulroney: The Making of the Prime Minister

by L. Ian MacDonald (1984)

An inside account of Brian Mulroney's rise to the prime minister's chair.

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