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October 23, 2016 (Policy Magazine): Trump Makes Clinton Look Presidential

October 16, 2016 (Policy Magazine): Jim Prentice: A public servant who cared more about policy than power

October 9, 2016 (Policy Magazine): Sunday's presidential debate: You're only as bad as your last bad show

August 1, 2012 (Gazette): Voters’ choice: continuity or chaos

July 25, 2012 (Gazette): On energy policy, where’s the leader?
July 18, 2012 (Gazette): It’s Jean Charest’s call, and his alone
July 11, 2012 (Gazette): Canada needs a Prime Ministers Club
July 4, 2012 (Gazette): Obama gains a big victory, but the economy may haunt him

June 27, 2012 (Gazette): One of the truly outstanding public servants readies for retirement
June 20, 2012 (Gazette): For Jean Charest, a summer’s respite before an election
June 13, 2012 (Gazette): Bob Rae needs to decide if the Liberal leadership is worth seeking
June 6, 2012 (Gazette): Retiring Calgary MP set a high standard for civility in the House

May 29, 2012 (Gazette): Repeat after me, folks: This is what a majority government does
May 23, 2012 (Gazette): Thomas Mulcair does a disservice to the West
May 16, 2012 (Gazette): With John Baird, you know exactly where he’s coming from
May 2, 2012 (Gazette): Recalling 'a good day' for Canada

April 25, 2012 (Gazette): Passing the torch in Alberta
April 18, 2012 (Gazette): Students don't know how good they have it
April 11, 2012 (Gazette): Mulcair's moment in the sun
April 4, 2012 (Gazette): Jim Flaherty's budget reflects Canada's enviable financial status

March 28, 2012 (Gazette): The NDP embarks on a new era
March 21, 2012 (Gazette): An NDP dilemma: proven performer vs. backroom boy
March 14, 2012 (Gazette): Romney seems likely to give Obama a run for his money
March 7, 2012 (Gazette): The Canadian loonie looks mighty appealing to tiny, troubled Iceland

February 29, 2012 (Gazette): Even if there were robocalls, Harper won fair and square
February 22, 2012 (Gazette): Jean Charest invokes Robert Bourassa's political legacy
February 15, 2012 (Gazette): The oilsands are good for Quebec
February 9, 2012 (Gazette): The Commons dynamics shift with a majority government in power
February 3, 2012 (Sun Media): Romney gains from U.S. housing crisis
February 1, 2012 (Gazette): The message got lost

January 25, 2012 (Gazette): Gingrich has Romney on the ropes
January 18, 2012 (Gazette): Liberals emerge re-energized
January 11, 2012 (Gazette): Recent history of primaries suggests it's Mitt Romney's race to lose
January 6, 2012 (Sun Media): This year, it’s Mitt Romney’s turn
January 4, 2012 (Gazette): A look into the crystal ball on the Liberal and NDP leadership races

December 28, 2011 (Gazette): Jack Layton, story of the year
December 26, 2011 (Sun Media): John Turner's legacy emerges from the shadows
December 23, 2011 (Sun Media): Save on pizza with simple declaration
December 21, 2011 (Gazette): John Turner, in the spotlight once more
December 14, 2011 (Gazette): New seats bring fairness to Commons representation
December 9, 2011 (Sun Media): A liberal and a conservative make it work
December 7, 2011 (Gazette): A first look at the full cast of the NDP leadership race

November 30, 2011 (Gazette): Rumours of the Liberals' demise are greatly exaggerated
November 23, 2011 (Gazette): A conciliatory voice from Alberta
November 18, 2011 (Sun Media): Kent went out on public policy limb
November 16, 2011 (Gazette): Fair or not, Keystone XL fell victim to politics
November 11, 2011 (Sun Media): A life left behind in an army tin box
November 9, 2011 (Gazette): It's something new vs. anybody but
November 4, 2011 (Sun Media): Our boring banks never looked better
November 2, 2011 (Gazette): Europe should do 'whatever it takes,' Flaherty says

October 26, 2011 (Gazette): The Habs and the Liberals, both flailing
October 19, 2011 (Gazette): Behind Occupy: an absence of jobs, and thus of hope
October 12, 2011 (Gazette): The NDP needs Mulcair to run, but it's hard to see how he can win
October 5, 2011 (Gazette): In Alberta, a whole new ball game

September 28, 2011 (Gazette): Stephen Harper's right to call the Keystone pipeline a no-brainer
September 26, 2011 (Sun Media): Debates can decide an election
September 21, 2011 (Gazette): Lay off General Natynczyk

September 14, 2011 (Gazette): Tom Van Dusen, master of politics, beloved family man

September 11, 2011 (Sun Media): Majority muscle
September 2, 2011 (Sun Media): Who will lead the federal NDP?

August 31, 2011 (Gazette): As Irish economy staggers, youth set eyes on Canada
August 26, 2011 (Sun Media): Le Bon Jack
August 24, 2011 (Gazette): Layton blocked the Bloc
August 17, 2011 (Gazette): Flaherty helps steer efforts to calm economic jitters
August 10, 2011 (Gazette): Markets volatile. Economy in the tank. Now what do we do?
August 5, 2011 (Sun Media): Nycole Turmel flop a rude NDP awakening
August 3, 2011 (Gazette): U.S. debt situation defines dysfunctional government
July 29, 2011 (Sun Media): Jack Layton is NDP's heart
July 27, 2011 (Gazette): With Layton's departure, the ground shifts in Ottawa
July 22, 2011 (Sun Media): Sussex is a dump -- fix it
July 20, 2011 (Gazette): After the storm: a Muskoka chair and chilled chardonnay
July 15, 2011 (Sun Media): Keep calm and carry on
July 13, 2011 (Gazette): Harper hands Rae an issue by declaring the Liberals dead
July 6, 2011 (Gazette): William and Kate set a new royal standard

June 29, 2011 (Gazette): Can the NDP grow up?
June 24, 2011 (Sun Media): Cheer Gilles Duceppe for torpedoing separatists
June 22, 2011 (Gazette): Minister on the GO worries about Europe
June 17, 2011 (Sun Media): New House ain’t like the old one
June 15, 2011 (Gazette): Retail heir should know better than to shop a loser
June 10, 2011 (Sun Media): Party's over for Parti Quebecois
June 8, 2011 (Gazette): Flaherty thought his budget was so good, he delivered it again
June 3, 2011 (Sun Media): Andrew Scheer's new job: Kindergarten cop
June 1, 2011 (Gazette): Memo to Layton: Leave language and the constitution alone

May 27, 2011 (Sun Media): Harper has real street cred at G8
May 25, 2011 (Gazette): Layton's big challenge: managing his caucus
May 20, 2011 (Sun Media): The deft choices in Stephen Harper’s cabinet
May 18, 2011 (Gazette): Bloc's ouster is very good news for Charest's Liberals
May 13, 2011 (Sun Media): Cabinet fever for PM
May 11, 2011 (Gazette): For the Liberal demise in Quebec, blame Pierre Trudeau
May 6, 2011 (Gazette): When 'the people' spoke Monday, they said all the right things
May 6, 2011 (Sun Media): Toronto's Tory swing the big surprise
May 4, 2011 (Gazette): Return to separatist message spelled doom for Duceppe

April 29, 2011 (Sun Media): Gilles Duceppe – the day he blew it
April 27, 2011 (Gazette): The Stornoway scenario: could we get the NDP as official opposition?
April 26, 2011 (Gazette): It's game on in Lac-Saint-Louis
April 22, 2011 (Sun Media): Canada's election comes down to this key issue
April 20, 2011 (Gazette): Jack-mania unlikely to lead to NDP seats
April 19, 2011 (Gazette): Party of grievances is losing its raison d'être
April 15, 2011 (Sun Media): Flaherty woos 905 belt for support
April 13, 2011 (Gazette): The happy warrior tries to raise a Conservative tide in Ontario
April 11, 2011 (Gazette): While media do their best to trip Harper up, he's landing on his feet
April 8, 2011 (Sun Media): Coalition, HST advantages for Harper
April 6, 2011 (Gazette): Ignatieff's the victim as the Liberal brand loses its lustre
April 4, 2011 (Gazette): Clean energy could become the sleeper issue of the campaign
April 1, 2011 (Sun Media): Debate battle in full swing once again

March 30, 2011 (Gazette): Liberals facing rout in Quebec if results of poll stand up
March 28, 2011 (Gazette): Layton walked away from the budget when he didn't have to, and the race is on
March 25, 2011 (Sun Media): Expect Tories to hit trail with budget
March 23, 2011 (Gazette): A budget for the Conservatives to run on
March 21, 2011 (Gazette): Will he or won't he force an election? A chat with Jack Layton
March 18, 2011 (Sun Media): Funding rink in Quebec just too risky
March 16, 2011 (Gazette): Liberals' election strategy comes down to 'Let's get it over with'
March 14, 2011 (Gazette): Harper should bring Gary Bettman to Ottawa and read him the riot act
March 11, 2011 (Sun Media): Liberals put focus onto Tory ethics
March 9, 2011 (Gazette): For Harper, it's a question of trust
March 7, 2011 (Gazette): Election or no election? It might come down to Jack Layton's health
March 4, 2011 (Sun Media): Will Layton be able to sell budget deal?
March 2, 2011 (Gazette): Harper's winning the ad war with his Morning in Canada message

February 28, 2011 (Gazette): Great opportunities for Canada as the price of oil rises
February 25, 2011 (Sun Media): Budget deal requires grown-ups
February 23, 2011 (Gazette): Tories craft compelling economic story
February 21, 2011 (Gazette): NDP and Conservatives get ready to play 'let's make a deal' on budget
February 18, 2011 (Sun Media): There's that tricky trust issue again
February 16, 2011 (Gazette): Landmark market merger awaits Tony's tweet
February 14, 2011 (Gazette): Barack Obama is ripping a page from Ronald Reagan's political playbook
February 11, 2011 (Sun Media): Bernier's views actually help Harper
February 9, 2011 (Gazette): Voices of cultural doom wrong again
February 7, 2011 (Gazette): The Harper-Obama meeting in the White House was a conspicuous success
February 4, 2011 (Sun Media): Border buddies are ready to wheel and deal
February 2, 2011 (Gazette): Will Harper be stupid or smart?

January 31, 2011 (Gazette): It's all about the budget, stupid, not corporate tax cuts
January 28, 2011 (Sun Media): Layton smart about cards he's holding
January 26, 2011 (Gazette): Social media change the landscape for politicians, reporters
January 24, 2011 (Gazette): Harper's competent, but he's weak on the 'vision thing'
January 21, 2011 (Sun Media): Critical year lies ahead for Charest
January 19, 2011 (Gazette): The pre-budget HST tango
January 17, 2011 (Gazette): Michael Ignatieff should be careful about the questions he asks
January 14, 2011 (Sun Media): What does Ignatieff hope to achieve?
January 12, 2011 (Gazette): Barack Obama is learning to be the mourner-in-chief
January 10, 2011 (Gazette): A federal election this year? Don't bet on it
January 7, 2011 (Sun Media): Tories see glory in Toronto’s 905 region
January 5, 2011 (Gazette): Harper chose to tweak rather than shuffle his cabinet
January 4, 2011 (Gazette): This week, the PMO comes under new management

December 29, 2010 (Gazette): The future is bright for our economy
December 28, 2010 (Gazette): Provinces hand Jim Flaherty a nice Christmas present
December 22, 2010 (Gazette): Don't be surprised to see Larry Smith in cabinet soon
December 20, 2010 (Gazette): Iggy talks tough, but there's no way he's ready for an election
December 15, 2010 (Gazette): A little help from his friends
December 13, 2010 (Gazette): Steve (Mick) Harper's rockin' but Iggy can't get no satisfaction
December 10, 2010 (Sun Media): Cyber war shows Net's vulnerability
December 8, 2010 (Gazette): Jobless gap shows how much trouble Obama is in
December 6, 2010 (Gazette): Ireland's financial woes contrast with our own bright outlook
December 3, 2010 (Sun Media): Leaked info mostly just routine stuff
December 1, 2010 (Gazette): Winnipeg win saves Ignatieff

November 29, 2010 (Gazette): Few premiers can match Danny Williams's popularity
November 26, 2010 (Sun Media): Byelections, vote coming for Ignatieff
November 24, 2010 (Gazette): Toronto-area by-election could bring bad news for Iggy
November 22, 2010 (Gazette): Premier Charest has nothing to lose by standing firm
November 19, 2010 (Sun Media): Grit demands have impact on decisions
November 17, 2010 (Gazette): Democracy - Internet style
November 15, 2010 (Gazette): Harper is a missing chance to shaft the Liberals with an Afghan vote
November 12, 2010 (Sun Media): Now is not the time for MacKay to leave
November 10, 2010 (Gazette): The perfect Canadian compromise
November 8, 2010 (Gazette): Environment Minister Jim Prentice bows out gracefully
November 5, 2010 (Sun Media): Banking on his future
November 3, 2010 (Gazette): Potash is an emotional issue in Saskatchewan
November 1, 2010 (Gazette): Canadian Forces have already endured enough flight delays

October 29, 2010 (Sun Media): Liberals pointless in plan to ground F-35s
October 27, 2010 (Gazette): The voters are restless
October 25, 2010 (Gazette): Angry suburbanite takes on Toronto's downtown elite
October 22, 2010 (Sun Media): Politics at core of Potash deal
October 20, 2010 (Gazette): It's next time or never for Canada's federal party leaders
October 18, 2010 (Gazette): No-name party's popularity says plenty about Quebec politics
October 15, 2010 (Sun Media): Tory fumbles pile up on Harper's bad day
October 13, 2010 (Gazette): Flaherty has learned to low-bridge his fiscal update
October 11, 2010 (Gazette): Unemployment numbers add to Obama's midterm woes
October 8, 2010 (Sun Media): Liberals line up as kinder, gentler party
October 6, 2010 (Gazette): Taming question period
October 4, 2010 (Gazette): Canada's new G-G has his own compelling narrative
October 1, 2010 (Sun Media): Norm Atkins was the Big Blue Machine

September 29, 2010 (Gazette): Don't bet on election until the spring
September 27, 2010 (Gazette): Harper hires a game-changer to run his office
September 24, 2010 (Sun Media): Smiling Charest in court of public opinion
September 22, 2010 (Gazette): Gun list's fate could come down to 1 vote
September 20, 2010 (Gazette): MPs behaving badly undermine our faith in Parliament
September 17, 2010 (Sun Media): Grits have short memory fighting F-35s
September 15, 2010 (Gazette): The mixed legacy of a great prime minister -- Diefenbaker
September 13, 2010 (Gazette): A subsidy for Quebec's arena? Depends how you sell the story
September 10, 2010 (Sun Media): Voice of reason missing as we mourn Sept. 11
September 8, 2010 (Gazette): Mideast peace? Nothing to it
September 6, 2010 (Gazette): Obama's reverting to rhetoric now that he has lost his mojo
September 3, 2010 (Sun Media): Iggy may whip himself with gun registry edict
September 1, 2010 (Gazette): How a few people with a dream can make a difference

August 30, 2010 (Gazette): Quotes attributed to him don't sound like the Jean Charest I know
August 27, 2010 (Sun Media): Grits spin tale in dog days of August
August 25, 2010 (Gazette): On the road -- the August place to be
August 23, 2010 (Gazette): Economic storm clouds threaten to rain on Harper
August 20, 2010 (Sun Media): GM thrives as bailout proves good for Canada
August 18, 2010 (Gazette): Tamil refugee claimants taking advantage of us
August 15, 2010 (Gazette): Conservatives sweat the small stuff too much
August 13, 2010 (Sun Media): Bill of Rights: Dief’s gift long forgotten
August 11, 2010 (Gazette): Dispatches from cottage country: All is well with the new dock
August 9, 2010 (Gazette): Parliament's fate rests in the hands of John Baird
August 6, 2010 (Sun Media): Quebec feasts on equalization payments
August 4, 2010 (Gazette): One sure way for the Conservatives to score in Quebec
August 1, 2010 (Gazette): A failure to communicate

July 30, 2010 (Sun Media): Outgoing Canada Post CEO delivered
July 28, 2010 (Gazette): Leaked war papers reinforce what we already knew
July 25, 2010 (Gazette): When the Fed head speaks, the world listens
July 23, 2010 (Sun Media): Principle behind StatsCan boss quitting
July 21, 2010 (Gazette): Free at last: Black always believed he'd be vindicated
July 18, 2010 (Gazette): Oil patch reeling from unfair attacks
July 16, 2010 (Sun Media): Peter Lougheed still commands respect
July 14, 2010 (Gazette): Liberals' Ignatieff has nothing to lose on his summer tour
July 11, 2010 (Gazette): The Canadian economy is roaring forward
July 9, 2010 (Sun Media): New GG a good choice
July 7, 2010 (Gazette): Need for stimulus spending in the U.S. might not be over
July 3, 2010 (Gazette): Happy 4th, neighbours

June 30, 2010 (Gazette): Hatfield made it certain that long would she reign over us
June 26, 2010 (Gazette): Obama had no choice but to axe top general
June 25, 2010 (Sun Media): Careful what you wish for, Toronto
June 23, 2010 (Gazette): G20 on the money
June 20, 2010 (Gazette): Golden opportunity
June 18, 2010 (Sun Media): NDP fails at damage control after Davies' comments go viral
June 16, 2010 (Gazette): This session of Parliament has passed its expiry date
June 13, 2010 (Gazette): Let it go, Newfoundland
June 11, 2010 (Sun Media): Abandon (leader)ship: Iggy sinking Grits
June 9, 2010 (Gazette): G20 is eclipsing the G8 as world's 'steering committee'
June 6, 2010 (Gazette): Harper licking his lips at idea of facing a 'socialist coalition'
June 4, 2010 (Sun Media): Cancer doesn't slow Jack Layton
June 2, 2010 (Gazette): Canada is out of recession in better shape than any in G7

May 30, 2010 (Gazette): House committees: Star Chambers and Gong Shows
May 28, 2010 (Sun Media): One securities watchdog or 13?
May 26, 2010 (Gazette): It is time for Jean Charest to get back in control
May 22, 2010 (Gazette): It's about time
May 21, 2010 (Sun Media): Harper soars on strength of economy
May 19, 2010 (Gazette): G8 and G20 - it will be all about debt
May 16, 2010 (Gazette): The opposition and media are out of touch
May 14, 2010 (Sun Media): British election may echo in Canada
May 12, 2010 (Gazette): It's amazing what you can do with a trillion dollars
May 8, 2010 (Gazette): Trudeau's speeches 30 years ago were his finest hours
May 7, 2010 (Sun Media): Canada's team? It ain't the Leafs
May 6, 2010 (Gazette): What a royal foul-up!
May 5, 2010 (Gazette): British voters get ready to throw the bums out

April 30, 2010 (Sun Media): Harper needs velvet glove, steel hand
April 28, 2010 (Gazette): War on Wall Street played out in a Senate committee
April 25, 2010 (Gazette): Canada right to oppose international tax on banks
April 21, 2010 (Gazette): Sachs and pillages
April 18, 2010 (Gazette): Harper too quick to throw Guergis over side
April 14, 2010 (Gazette): Loose-cannon Bellemare's charges are explosive
April 11, 2010 (Gazette): Who in Canada has the royal jelly?
April 9, 2010 (Sun Media): Prentice has it right with climate lockstep
April 7, 2010 (Gazette): Larger Commons could help Conservatives, Liberals
April 3, 2010 (Gazette): Quebec avoids hard choices

March 31, 2010 (Gazette): Liberals pull off great conference
March 28, 2010 (Gazette): Liberals hope policy conference will outshine bad week on Hill
March 26, 2010 (Sun Media): Grits chart course into uncertain future
March 24, 2010 (Gazette): CRTC decision is good news - for lawyers
March 21, 2010 (Gazette): Soaring loonie is the price of Canada's success
March 19, 2010 (Sun Media): It's lonely at the top for Obama
March 17, 2010 (Gazette): In the fourth quarter Obama finally comes out to play
March 14, 2010 (Gazette): The politics of personal destruction have taken over
March 12, 2010 (Sun Media): Budget aftermath: Planes, pompadours
March 10, 2010 (Gazette): What was he thinking? - National anthem idea was Harper's alone
March 7, 2010 (Gazette): The government won't fall over this budget
March 5, 2010 (Sun Media): Flaherty’s incredible shrinking deficit
March 3, 2010 (Gazette): Olympic gold rush lifted the hearts of even the Ottawa elite

February 28, 2010 (Gazette): Pound is passionate about the value of the Games
February 26, 2010 (Sun Media): Weaning Quebec from Alberta's purse
February 24, 2010 (Gazette): Why didn't we just call it 'On the Podium'?
February 21, 2010 (Gazette): Goofiness and twits at the Vancouver Games
February 19, 2010 (Sun Media): Mulroney tips hat to foreign service
February 17, 2010 (Gazette): Twenty years ago, Ottawa was at the hinge of history
February 14, 2010 (Gazette): Quebec's federalist parties should consider a pact
February 12, 2010 (Sun Media): Great expectations for these Games
February 10, 2010 (Gazette): Ignatieff is still stumbling in role as opposition leader
February 6, 2010 (Gazette): Harper has been competent, but he lacks the vision thing
February 5, 2010 (Sun Media): Quebec’s 'unique' green follies
February 3, 2010 (Gazette): Flaherty is gathering his facts for a big selling job

January 31, 2010 (Gazette): PM edging away from climate issue
January 29, 2010 (Sun Media): Harper falters in political vacuum
January 27, 2010 (Gazette): Helping Haiti
January 24, 2010 (Gazette): Obama's mistake was taking his eye off the ball - jobs
January 22, 2010 (Sun Media): Finest hour for Canada’s military
January 17, 2010 (Gazette): Shuffle was more than a Twitter, less than a Facebook
January 17, 2010 (Gazette): In the annals of suffering and sorrow, Haiti stands alone
January 15, 2010 (Sun Media): Flaherty mourns Haiti, mulls economic recovery
January 13, 2010 (Gazette): Shuffling the deck
January 10, 2010 (Gazette): Welcome to the new reality of airport scans and pat-downs
January 6, 2010 (Gazette): Harper's obsession with tactics might backfire

December 31, 2009 (Gazette): Twin Towers and Tiger Woods bracket the decade
December 30, 2009 (Gazette): Harper is the political player of the decade
December 24, 2009 (Gazette): Good will and common sense combine to save store
December 23, 2009 (Gazette): Afghanistan is now Obama's war
December 22, 2009 (Gazette): China emerges as the new world superpower
December 16, 2009 (Gazette): Don't despair - a Copenhagen pact is close
December 13, 2009 (Gazette): Canada should be comfortable with Copenhagen pact
December 9, 2009 (Gazette): Canada must act as intermediary between U.S. and the rest
December 6, 2009 (Gazette): A magisterial Stephen Harper will be hard to beat
December 4, 2009 (Post): Recalling the coalition crisis
December 2, 2009 (Gazette): Football gods owed us one

November 29, 2009 (Gazette): The road to Copenhagen
November 27, 2009 (Post): The PQ gets desperate
November 25, 2009 (Gazette): Historic numbers in the latest jobless figures
November 21, 2009 (Gazette): This Parliament will last for a while
November 20, 2009 (Post): It's all about who you know
November 18, 2009 (Gazette): Harper becoming deft at Canada-U.S. relations
November 14, 2009 (Gazette): Ignatieff calls in 'Saint Peter' to bail out the Liberals
November 13, 2009 (Post): The fall of the ADQ
November 11, 2009 (Gazette): Conservatives return as federalist alternative to Bloc
November 8, 2009 (Gazette): Crisis? What crisis? Flu-shot experience was efficient, polite
November 6, 2009 (Post): High-stakes byelections
November 4, 2009 (Gazette): Your Constitution and the flu
November 1, 2009 (Gazette): Power deal has both sides smiling

October 30, 2009 (Post): Ambushed by a sleaze storm
October 28, 2009 (Gazette): Ottawa A-list bids farewell to a father of free trade
October 25, 2009 (Gazette): Montreal's troubles are Premier Charest's troubles, too
October 23, 2009 (Post): Bush equals entertaining lunch
October 21, 2009 (Gazette): Top Liberal attack dog's pawprints are all over this one
October 18, 2009 (Gazette): Economic storm clouds part
October 16, 2009 (Post): The Quebec bust-up -- take two
October 13, 2009 (Gazette): There's always been tension between G-G and PMO
October 9, 2009 (Gazette): The wild tumble of Michael Ignatieff
October 9, 2009 (Post): Bad time for a promotion
October 7, 2009 (Gazette): Harper tickles while Ignatieff burns
October 4, 2009 (Gazette): Two of Charest's top advisers stroll into the sunset
October 2, 2009 (Post): Coderre's actions were unforgivable

September 30, 2009 (Gazette): War of egos in Quebec blows up in Ignatieff's face
September 27, 2009 (Gazette): The Liberal follies
September 25, 2009 (Post): Quebec smackdown
September 23, 2009 (Gazette): Liberals hurt themselves fighting over Quebec ridings
September 20, 2009 (Gazette): The healing begins (reprinted in the Ottawa Citizen and the Windsor Star)
September 18, 2009 (Post): Who won?
September 16, 2009 (Gazette): Don't expect an election (reprinted in the Ottawa Citizen and the Windsor Star)
September 14, 2009 (Post): Back in the Quebec game
September 14, 2009 (Gazette): 'They came to see the history'
September 9, 2009 (Gazette): Iggy should look at the polls - there's no way he can win
September 6, 2009 (Gazette): Back rooms, front rooms
September 4, 2009 (Post): Over to you, Mr. Layton
September 2, 2009 (Gazette): Doer is an inspired choice as U.S ambassador

August 30, 2009 (Gazette): The deal-maker
August 26, 2009 (Gazette): Summertime poll has bad news for Liberals
August 23, 2009 (Gazette): Michael Ignatieff's summer has been a dud
August 19, 2009 (Gazette): A little pavement goes a long way in Quebec politics
August 16, 2009 (Gazette): Out on the Mira, election talk isn't very popular, either
August 14, 2009 (Gazette): 'New' isn't the only old thing the NDP has to lose
August 9, 2009 (Gazette): Hugh Haugland was an unsung hero of the news business
August 5, 2009 (Gazette): Ignatieff has to tell us who he is and where he's going
August 2, 2009 (Gazette): Just a few guys having a beer

July 29, 2009 (Gazette): Harper has good reasons not to want an election this fall
July 26, 2009 (Gazette): The recession might be over, but the pain continues
July 22, 2009 (Gazette): The death of the most trusted man in America
July 19, 2009 (Gazette): Obama's pitch
July 15, 2009 (Gazette): Like Madoff, Jones was a smooth operator trusted by all
July 12, 2009 (Gazette): Real news takes backseat during silly-news season
July 8, 2009 (Gazette): Obama and Harper will march in lockstep at G8
July 5, 2009 (Gazette): U.S. greenhouse-gas bill should raise red flags in Canada
July 2, 2009 (Gazette): Sanctimonious U.S. governors go down for the count

June 28, 2009 (Gazette): The Lynch pin
June 22, 2009 (Post): An idea catches on
June 21, 2009 (Gazette): Thanks, Iggy
June 19, 2009 (Post): 'So long for now'
June 18, 2009 (Post): Ignatieff's lousy week
June 17, 2009 (Gazette): PQ will take its toll on Marois, too
June 15, 2009 (Post): The PC leadership sprint begins
June 14, 2009 (Gazette): Fools on the Hill
June 10, 2009 (Gazette): A delicate balancing act with the scales of justice
June 7, 2009 (Gazette): A star is born
June 5, 2009 (Post): See you next year, ballot box
June 3, 2009 (Gazette): Harper had no choice

May 31, 2009 (Gazette): Outrage at new deficit figure is pure political posturing
May 29, 2009 (Post): How Harper lost Quebec
May 27, 2009 (Gazette): Conservatives should go back to what works in Quebec
May 24, 2009 (Gazette): BCE, Quebecor to face off over ownership of Canadiens
May 22, 2009 (Post): A stupid guest list
May 20, 2009 (Gazette): Harper has the reputation of 'Mr. Mean' in Quebec
May 16, 2009 (Gazette): Harper is hampered by his lack of vision
May 15, 2009 (Post): Moving on from Mulroney
May 13, 2009 (Gazette): Power couple
May 9, 2009 (Gazette): Top bureaucrat Lynch bids adieu
May 8, 2009 (Post): A palace coup in the PMO
May 6, 2009 (Gazette): Harper needs Charest's help to win in Quebec
May 3, 2009 (Gazette): Triggering an election will be harder than winning it
May 1, 2009 (Post): It's Ignatieff's turn

April 30, 2009 (Gazette): Harper is in deep, deep trouble
April 26, 2009 (Gazette): Getting to know Michael Ignatieff
April 24, 2009 (Post): What's next for the Canadiens?
April 22, 2009 (Gazette): Carney is just the man for the Bank of Canada
April 19, 2009 (Gazette): Harper has managed to cut his Quebec support in half
April 17, 2009 (Post): Schreiber: Making it up as he goes along
April 15, 2009 (Gazette): Obama learns the world is a dangerous place
April 11, 2009 (Gazette): Jérôme-Forget kept a firm grip on the public purse
April 8, 2009 (Gazette): The Mulroney-Harper rift will help sell Tory book
April 5, 2009 (Gazette): The Liberals can thank Harper for their good fortune
April 3, 2009 (Post): Ignatieff cracks the Quebec identity code
April 1, 2009 (Gazette): The upside of being a nice but boring country

March 29, 2009 (Gazette): Shopping around Les Glorieux
March 27, 2009 (Post): At the centre of the economic storm
March 25, 2009 (Gazette): Ignatieff is a rookie, but he's learning fast
March 22, 2009 (Gazette): Charest avoids repeating his 2003 daycare mistake
March 20, 2009 (Post): Mulroney at 70
March 18, 2009 (Gazette): Michael Sabia has what it takes to do the job
March 16, 2009 (Post): Harper speaks the truth
March 14, 2009 (Gazette): New Caisse head knows his way around business, government
March 11, 2009 (Gazette): Canada would find it hard to turn down Obama
March 8, 2009 (Gazette): Canada-EU trade deal would be feather in caps of Charest, Harper
March 7, 2009 (Post): The future of television in Canada
March 4, 2009 (Gazette): It is time for banks to do their part
March 3, 2009 (Post): Excerpts of exclusive interview with Jim Flaherty
March 1, 2009 (Gazette): Charest and Harper have a chance to get back together

February 28, 2009 (Post): Caisse dismissed
February 25, 2009 (Gazette): The unfulfilled promise of Mario Dumont and the ADQ
February 22, 2009 (Gazette): The comfort factor
February 20, 2009 (Post): Friends and allies
February 18, 2009 (Gazette): Canada must work hard to hold Obama's attention
February 14, 2009 (Post): How Harper can come back in Quebec
February 11, 2009 (Gazette): If Obama asks us to stay in Afghanistan, can we refuse?
February 8, 2009 (Gazette): Obama's visit to Ottawa will be short, but possibly sweet
February 6, 2009 (Post): Fuming at Sarkozy
February 4, 2009 (Gazette): The world is watching how Obama handles Buy American plan
February 1, 2009 (Gazette): Stephen Harper has a lot of work to do in Quebec

January 30, 2009 (Post): This guy can play
January 28, 2009 (Gazette): Flaherty delivers a Liberal budget in Conservative clothing
January 27, 2009 (Post): Why Harper spilled the beans
January 25, 2009 (Gazette): The $64-billion question
January 24, 2009 (Post): Jean Béliveau: The majestic prince
January 21, 2009 (Gazette): Speech was no barn-burner, but it had shades of JFK and FDR
January 18, 2009 (Gazette): Stirring words: Obama should emulate FDR, not JFK
January 17, 2009 (Post): Leo Kolber: 'Quite a ride'
January 14, 2009 (Gazette): The budget road show comes home to Ottawa this week
January 12, 2009 (Post): How great are the losses?
January 7, 2009 (Gazette): The message track
January 3, 2009 (Gazette): Caroline Kennedy attempts to enter the family business

December 27, 2008 (Gazette): Harper should do some reflecting on what went wrong in 2008
December 23, 2008 (Gazette): The Santa Claus senators
December 21, 2008 (Gazette): Gender parity will rank as one of Charest's greatest achievements
December 18, 2008 (Post): Why Iggy plays well in Quebec
December 17, 2008 (Gazette): New Mr. Nice Guy
December 14, 2008 (Gazette): The palace coup
December 11, 2008 (Post): Harper cost Charest
December 10, 2008 (Gazette): Weather, apathy and Harper ate away at Charest's majority
December 6, 2008 (Gazette): The Kid comes back
December 5, 2008 (Post): Crisis in Ottawa: How it's playing in Quebec
December 3, 2008 (Gazette): Harper set to pull plug on Parliament
December 2, 2008 (Post): Harper's only option: Prorogue the House

November 30, 2008 (Gazette): Harper's reckless game of chicken could lead to election
November 28, 2008 (Post): Harper's funding move is tactically brilliant, politically risky
November 26, 2008 (Gazette): Our reality check comes tomorrow
November 23, 2008 (Gazette): As Dumont goes down in the polls, Charest goes up
November 22, 2008 (Gazette): Rosy picture for Charest: poll
November 21, 2008 (Post): Quebec's incredible shrinking man
November 19, 2008 (Gazette): Charest is tapping into the mood of Quebecers
November 16, 2008 (Gazette): With Bob and Iggy in the race, the Liberal amateur hour is over
November 14, 2008 (Post): Charest to Harper: Don't screw up my election
November 12, 2008 (Gazette): Charest had a good week, but Liberals are still short of majority
November 12, 2008 (Post): In Quebec, a two-party race
November 9, 2008 (Gazette): Harper starts the ball rolling with President-elect Obama
November 5, 2008 (Post): Building the Stephen-Barack bond
November 5, 2008 (Gazette): Charest has his eye on economic, not polling, numbers
November 2, 2008 (Gazette): It's all over but the counting

October 30, 2008 (Post online): Some continuity, considerable change likely in new Cabinet
October 29, 2008 (Gazette): Charest had best be careful in calling early election
October 28, 2008 (Post): Election train pulls into Quebec
October 26, 2008 (Gazette): Conservative cabinet promises to be more feminine
October 22, 2008 (Gazette): Dion should quit whining: His loss was his own fault
October 22, 2008 (Post): Touching up Quebec's Cabinet contingent
October 19, 2008 (Gazette): Dion like dinner
October 16, 2008 (Post): Where Harper's majority was lost
October 15, 2008 (Gazette): Harper's stumbles in Quebec cost him his majority
October 11, 2008 (Gazette): Harper had Quebec in his grasp, but he blew it
October 10, 2008 (Post): Mulroney then, Harper now
October 8, 2008 (Gazette): Stephen Harper: 'Honey, I shrunk the majority!'
October 8, 2008 (Post): Tories in the crosshairs
October 5, 2008 (Gazette): It's the economy!
October 3, 2008 (Post): Debate night in Canada
October 1, 2008 (Gazette): Plagiarism charge is a low blow

September 30, 2008 (Post): Beware the echo effect
September 28, 2008 (Gazette): Bloc wedges back
September 26, 2008 (Post): Justin Trudeau's hard fight
September 24, 2008 (Gazette): Liberal message becoming muddy
September 24, 2008 (Post): Harper has the right message for tough times
September 21, 2008 (Gazette): Charest is just doing his job
September 19, 2008 (Post): The danger of peaking too soon
September 17, 2008 (Gazette): 'Nation' resolution marks the beginning of the Bloc's decline
September 16, 2008 (Post): The Liberals' unholy trinity in Quebec
September 14, 2008 (Gazette): A tale of two Quebecs: Montreal and the ROQ
September 12, 2008 (Post): The Bloc's existential crisis
September 10, 2008 (Gazette): Dion stumbles
September 8, 2008 (Gazette): Simultaneous campaigns - completely different political cultures
September 5, 2008 (Post): Don't trust the polls: The Liberals are down in Quebec
September 3, 2008 (Gazette): The story is key in U.S. politics

August 30, 2008 (Gazette): Echoes of Hollywood
August 29, 2008 (Post): Quebec: The new Tory stronghold
August 27, 2008 (Gazette): Words matter in political speeches
August 25, 2008 (Gazette): Why are the Tories going out of their way to annoy voters?
August 22, 2008 (Post): Minister gone private
August 20, 2008 (Gazette): U.S. religious forum would not have happened here
August 18, 2008 (Gazette): Harper has an out
August 15, 2008 (Post): The battle for Saint-Lambert
August 13, 2008 (Gazette): Sex, lies, videotape
August 11, 2008 (Gazette): Rumblings east and west don't bode well for Dion
August 8, 2008 (Post): Furniture that makes a summer statement
August 6, 2008 (Gazette): Politics means being careful about how you say sorry
August 4, 2008 (Gazette): Harper is pinning his hopes on 418
August 1, 2008 (Post): The new Tory heartland

July 31, 2008 (Gazette): Tories contemplate two grim letters
July 28, 2008 (Gazette): The Harper minority appears to have run its course
July 25, 2008 (Post): The Tories' new math
July 23, 2008 (Gazette): Barack Obama's mad rush toward the middle
July 21, 2008 (Gazette and Vancouver Sun): Together, again: Harper and Charest
July 18, 2008 (Post): The Bomber is back
July 16, 2008 (Gazette): We can expect actual substance from premiers' meet
July 14, 2008 (Gazette): It's time Canada's premiers had a little talk about power
July 9, 2008 (Gazette): The veepstakes are on
July 5, 2008 (Gazette): My painful decision to don a Red Sox ball cap
July 4, 2008 (Post): Quebecers' home away from home

June 27, 2008 (Post): Harper's adroit move
June 26, 2008 (Gazette): A stunning rebuke
June 23, 2008 (Gazette): Harper missed an opportunity by ducking meeting with McCain
June 18, 2008 (Gazette): Bell case will have sweeping implications
June 16, 2008 (Gazette): Couillard affair points to need for review of security clearances
June 13, 2008 (Post): The BCE deal: many questions, few clear answers
June 11, 2008 (Gazette): 25 years ago today
June 9, 2008 (Gazette): Clinton finds it hard to get off the stage
June 5, 2008 (Post): The legacy of Henri-Paul Rousseau
June 4, 2008 (Gazette): Bernier affair raises doubts about Harper's competence
June 2, 2008 (Gazette): Poll points to shifting political sands in Quebec

May 29, 2008 (Post): Maxime Bernier should have done his homework
May 28, 2008 (Gazette): Bernier didn't fly too close to sun - he never got off the ground
May 26, 2008 (Gazette): Crucifix has deep constitutional roots in Quebec
May 23, 2008 (Post): A blueprint for an 'intercultural' Quebec
May 21, 2008 (Gazette): How Hillary blew the nomination
May 19, 2008 (Gazette): Dion is falling into a political trap with his carbon-tax plan
May 16, 2008 (Post): Quebec's wounds have healed
May 14, 2008 (Gazette): Hillary Clinton is dead woman walking, but won't admit it
May 12, 2008 (Gazette): A new era
May 9, 2008 (Post): 24 Sussex: A national embarrassment
May 7, 2008 (Gazette): Investing in a dream
May 5, 2008 (Gazette): Mario Dumont's decline started on election night
May 2, 2008 (Post): Charest, back in the driver's seat
May 1, 2008 (Gazette): Happy birthday, Prime Minister

April 28, 2008 (Gazette): Quebec just keeps getting better for the Tories
April 24, 2008 (Post): There's nothing like hockey in Montreal in May
April 23, 2008 (Gazette): Harper plays the oil card with skill
April 21, 2008 (Gazette): Spoiling for a vote, or just spoiling?
April 18, 2008 (Post): Putting a BNA stamp on the High Court
April 17, 2008 (Gazette): Groundhog Day on the Hill: repeating the same mistakes
April 14, 2008 (Gazette): Harper is playing truth or dare on the immigration bill
April 11, 2008 (Post): The tragedy of Meech Lake's death
April 9, 2008 (Gazette): Hillary can't win, but the Clinton machine rolls on
April 7, 2008 (Gazette): Trudeau's legacy: economic woes and a charter of rights
April 4, 2008 (Post): Send in the clowns
April 2, 2008 (Gazette): Dion and his Liberals are in deep trouble in Quebec

March 29, 2008 (Gazette): Dion is a leader without a base in his own province
March 27, 2008 (Post): Stephane Dion's Quebec problem
March 26, 2008 (Gazette): Dion's dilemma
March 24, 2008 (Gazette): NAFTA is very good for the US
March 19, 2008 (Gazette): Dion has no reason to celebrate by-election results
March 17, 2008 (Gazette): Stick in a fork: Clinton's done
March 14, 2008 (Post): Dion can't see his way down the field
March 12, 2008 (Gazette): Simon Reisman: a free trader who served his country well
March 10, 2008 (Gazette): Conspiracy theories in NAFTA leak
March 7, 2008 (Post): Blue skies for Jean Charest
March 5, 2008 (Gazette): NAFTA squabble in primaries shows the new power of YouTube
March 3, 2008 (Gazette): There's a good chance the two minority governments will last

February 29, 2008 (Post): NAFTA's under threat. Why doesn't the opposition care?
February 27, 2008 (Gazette): It's a budget that Dion couldn't afford to vote against
February 25, 2008 (Gazette): Flaherty has little room to run in tomorrow's budget
February 21, 2008 (Post): Quebec's Tommy Douglas calls for change
February 20, 2008 (Gazette): Mood swings hurt Dion's credibility
February 18, 2008 (Gazette): The election no one wants
February 15, 2008 (Post): A bad time for Harper to go to the polls
February 13, 2008 (Gazette): The Internet and YouTube have changed the face of politics
February 11, 2008 (Gazette): Harper should be careful what he wishes for
February 8, 2008 (Post): How Harper checkmated Dion
February 6, 2008 (Gazette): Harper inches back to Charest
February 1, 2008 (Gazette): The Clintons play by their own rules
February 1, 2008 (Post): The battle for Quebec

January 30, 2008 (Gazette): Dion's dilemma: To pull the plug or not
January 28, 2008 (Gazette): Harper government can expect rough ride as House resumes
January 24, 2008 (Post): Why John McCain will win
January 23, 2008 (Gazette): Manley panel lays groundwork for welcome compromise
January 17, 2008 (Post): McGuinty and Charest: Let's be friends
January 16, 2008 (Gazette): Charest and Harper still need each other
January 14, 2008 (Gazette): Poll has Tories stalled in popularity when they should be doing better
January 11, 2008 (Gazette): What's on the menu at 24 Sussex
January 9, 2008 (Gazette): Obama's lack of foreign-policy experience won't hurt
January 7, 2008 (Gazette): Obama takes the game to a whole new level
January 3, 2008 (Post): Obama's the man

December 28, 2007 (Gazette): Stephen Harper's War
December 27, 2007 (Post): A good year for the federalist side
December 26, 2007 (Gazette): Charest's year of living dangerously
December 24, 2007 (Gazette): Lumps of coal and pieces of cake all around
December 21, 2007 (Gazette): Lots on the menu when first ministers meet
December 20, 2007 (Post): Look who's talking (en anglais)
December 19, 2007 (Gazette): A Christmas truce: The Harpers and media stop feuding for one night
December 17, 2007 (Gazette): Johnston has a tough decision to make on public inquiry
December 14, 2007 (Gazette): That $225,000 was the most expensive money Mulroney ever made
December 13, 2007 (Post): As low as they come
December 12, 2007 (Gazette): Harper has no go-to guy for Quebec
December 10, 2007 (Gazette): Poll finds Canadians in an upbeat mood
December 7, 2007 (Gazette): MP is savaged for having pictures of his girlfriend
December 6, 2007 (Post): Smearing Mulroney - And The Companies He Serves
December 5, 2007 (Gazette): Dion's big gamble
December 3, 2007 (Gazette): The House speaker must step in to bring MPs back in line

November 30, 2007 (Gazette): The committee mob scene on Parliament Hill
November 29, 2007 (Post): Back in fighting trim
November 28, 2007 (Gazette): Angry white men, unplugged
November 26, 2007 (Gazette): Liberals feeling their oats
November 23, 2007 (Gazette): The new Rat Pack
November 22, 2007 (Post): Throw Schreiber out
November 21, 2007 (Gazette): A despicable smear campaign
November 19, 2007 (Gazette): Who's running this country: Harper or Schreiber?
November 16, 2007 (Gazette): The Harper-Mulroney rift
November 16, 2007 (Post): He's only just begun to fight
November 14, 2007 (Gazette): A public inquiry into Airbus affair would be a great show
November 12, 2007 (Gazette): Harper's setting Liberals up for a fall
November 9, 2007 (Gazette): It's loonie - something's got to give
November 7, 2007 (Gazette): Canada, by the numbers
November 5, 2007 (Gazette): Charest begins to show some life - he's back in the game
November 2, 2007 (Gazette): The Bloc is going down

October 31, 2007 (Gazette): Good politics sometimes makes bad policy
October 29, 2007 (Gazette): Obsession with trivia blunts Liberal efforts in the House
October 26, 2007 (Gazette): Destroy-and-save strategy isn't as crazy as it might sound
October 24, 2007 (Gazette): Liberals are sliding everywhere in Quebec - even Montreal
October 22, 2007 (Gazette): Liberals will have a struggle with PM's decentralizing ways
October 19, 2007 (Gazette): Stéphane Dion's week started badly and just kept getting worse
October 17, 2007 (Gazette): Harper's five priorities have morphed into five themes
October 15, 2007 (Gazette): Manley is inspired choice to head Afghanistan panel
October 12, 2007 (Gazette): Throne Speech puts Dion behind 8 ball
October 10, 2007 (Gazette): Ontario Tories are toast
October 8, 2007 (Gazette): On this day, Canadians have a lot to be thankful for
October 5, 2007 (Gazette): 'Bring it on'
October 3, 2007 (Gazette): Twenty years ago today, the clock clicked down on free trade
October 1, 2007 (Gazette): Stéphane Dion and the Liberals just had a week from hell

September 28, 2007 (Gazette): How we played the game
September 26, 2007 (Gazette): Duceppe is making demands Harper could never accept
September 24, 2007 (Gazette): Tory is fast on his feet, but he has to dance around school issue
September 21, 2007 (Gazette): Chances of a fall federal election are now 50-50
September 19, 2007 (Gazette): Dion is the big loser in by-elections
September 17, 2007 (Gazette): A loss in Outremont today would be bad news for Dion
September 14, 2007 (Gazette): Dion stumbles on war
September 12, 2007 (Gazette): All political leaders face tests in Monday's by-elections
September 8, 2007 (Gazette): Trudeau started it
September 7, 2007 (Gazette): Picking a new top soldier
September 6, 2007 (Post): The Mulroney I know
September 5, 2007 (Gazette): Vote on Throne Speech will be test for Tories
September 3, 2007 (Gazette): Does Jean Charest have one more campaign in him?

August 31, 2007 (Gazette): Liberals will find it hard to help elect Marois
August 27, 2007 (Gazette): C'est normal
August 24, 2007 (Gazette): Canada is bearing a disproportionate load in Afghanistan
August 22, 2007 (Gazette): MPs back Oct. 16
August 18, 2007 (Osprey): Cabinet shuffle will help PM in Quebec and Atlantic region
August 17, 2007 (Gazette): Jim Flaherty skates well, and is good in the corners
August 15, 2007 (Gazette): Harper keeps a close eye on grass-roots politics
August 13, 2007 (Gazette): It's shuffle time!
August 10, 2007 (Gazette): Dere go da judge
August 8, 2007 (Gazette): Constitutional trial balloon won't fly
August 6, 2007 (Gazette): Harper has an opportunity to lay out his vision for the future
August 3, 2007 (Gazette and Post): Defence department needs a new minister, but who?
August 1, 2007 (Gazette): A problem of communication

July 30, 2007 (Gazette): Conservatives will grapple with some hard questions
July 27, 2007 (Gazette): Strong economy is Charest's secret weapon
July 25, 2007 (Gazette): Hewing wood, drawing water in the Canadian outback
July 23, 2007 (Gazette): Harper is building bridges to Latin America
July 20, 2007 (Gazette): Harper is slowly backing away from war in Afghanistan
July 18, 2007 (Gazette): Black's humour and humanity shine through
July 16, 2007 (Gazette): Calgary expected more of their home-grown prime minister
July 13, 2007 (Gazette): Now it can be told: Real Calgarians wear loafers in the office
July 11, 2007 (Gazette): People in the Granite State really do live free - of income taxes
July 9, 2007 (Gazette): The roads to New Hampshire open earlier and earlier
July 6, 2007 (Gazette): No waves in Maine signal heavy seas for Bush
July 4, 2007 (Gazette): Savvy Yanks head for Canada's outpost to celebrate their day
July 3, 2007 (Gazette): Presidential library system is a national resource for Americans

June 23, 2007 (Gazette): Harper gets burned by provinces on 'open federalism'
June 20, 2007 (Gazette): Harper missed chance to show leadership
June 18, 2007 (Gazette): Why wouldn't Jewish leaders want to meet Dumont?
June 15, 2007 (Gazette): The sooner MPs get out of Ottawa the better
June 13, 2007 (Gazette): Historians give Dief a bad rap
June 11, 2007 (Gazette): Charest could ride his success with the economy to a majority
June 8, 2007 (Gazette): Harper shines at G8
June 6, 2007 (Gazette): Quebec polls should ring alarm bells for federal Liberals
June 2, 2007 (Osprey): Why Quebecers are the only Canadians who don't want tax cuts
June 2, 2007 (Gazette): Beginning of the end for Jean Charest

May 30, 2007 (Gazette): Charest should learn to sweat the small stuff
May 28, 2007 (Gazette): Political poker
May 26, 2007 (Post): Quebec's 'extreme political poker'
May 25, 2007 (Gazette): Tax cut already cost Charest
May 23, 2007 (Gazette): Senators have earned right to be called Canada's team
May 21, 2007 (Gazette): Fraser treads on dangerous turf
May 18, 2007 (Gazette): Bloc had chance to guarantee Quebec seats, but blew it
May 16, 2007 (Gazette): Marois flexes her muscles
May 14, 2007 (Gazette): 'The Deuce' gets caught in cheesy bluff
May 11, 2007 (Gazette): Duceppe expected a coronation, not a convention
May 9, 2007 (Gazette): Bloc leader can't afford to turn down another date with destiny
May 9, 2007 (Post): You can't fire me...because I quit
May 7, 2007 (Gazette): Bloc offside
May 5, 2007 (Gazette): A classic battle
May 2, 2007 (Gazette): Aftershocks of Mario earthquake being felt in Ottawa

April 30, 2007 (Gazette): A question of competence
April 27, 2007 (Gazette): Words matter in a minority Parliament
April 25, 2007 (Gazette): Tories try to steer a middle course on environment
April 23, 2007 (Gazette): Tories hope for Montreal beachhead
April 20, 2007 (Gazette): Win one for The Stephanies
April 18, 2007 (Gazette): The Queen would be warmly welcomed in Quebec
April 16, 2007 (Gazette): Dion's comments are way out of line
April 13, 2007 (Gazette): Battle for Bell is as much about politics as it is about business
April 11, 2007 (Gazette): Employment numbers make Harper's day
April 9, 2007 (Gazette): The longer Stephen Harper is prime minister, the better for his image
April 6, 2007 (Gazette): Charest's resurrection
April 4, 2007 (Gazette): Lafleur is the central figure in sponsorship scandal
April 2, 2007 (Gazette): Bloc is worried

March 30, 2007 (Gazette): Liberal blame game should start with Charest
March 29, 2007 (Post): Charest blew it
March 29, 2007 (Osprey): Charest still in the driver's seat despite disappointing minority
March 28, 2007 (Gazette): Dumont broke the federalism-separation polarization
March 26, 2007 (Gazette): Three-way race makes election hard to read
March 23, 2007 (Post): Quebec's watershed election
March 23, 2007 (Gazette): This election campaign has been all about Mario
March 21, 2007 (Gazette): Premier scores big with tax-cut promise - but will it be enough?
March 19, 2007 (Gazette): Fiscal imbalance will be Jim Flaherty's theme today
March 16, 2007 (Gazette): Leaders wait breathlessly for the word from Jim Flaherty
March 15, 2007 (Post): Super Mario?
March 14, 2007 (Gazette): Charest wins a split decision
March 12, 2007 (Gazette): All leaders have lots riding on tomorrow's debate
March 9, 2007 (Gazette): Jean Charest has been strangely off his game
March 7, 2007 (Gazette): Attacks on Dumont's federalism fall flat
March 5, 2007 (Gazette): For once, a Quebec election isn't about sovereignty
March 2, 2007 (Gazette): Smart money is against an early federal election

February 28, 2007 (Gazette): A third-place finish would be a nightmare scenario for the PQ
February 26, 2007 (Gazette): Charest flays Boisclair, Dumont on the numbers
February 23, 2007 (Gazette): Dion feeling the pressure from middle-of-the-roaders in caucus
February 22, 2007 (Post): Jean Charest's election to lose
February 21, 2007 (Gazette): Making a difference
February 19, 2007 (Gazette): How Harper helped Charest
February 16, 2007 (Gazette): It haunts us still: After 25 years, Charter merits are subject of debate
February 14, 2007 (Gazette): Bloc in a box
February 12, 2007 (Gazette): Polls chip at Bloc
February 9, 2007 (Gazette): Two faces of John Baird
February 7, 2007 (Gazette): Charest clears deck for election call
February 5, 2007 (Gazette): It is time for Canada to get out of the Kyoto straitjacket
February 2, 2007 (Gazette): PQ's troubles might move up next election

January 31, 2007 (Gazette): Bad news for the Bloc
January 29, 2007 (Osprey): McGuinty's risky stand on fiscal imbalance a lot like Mike Harris
January 29, 2007 (Gazette): Ottawa's new best friends - Stephen Harper and Jack Layton
January 26, 2007 (Gazette): Call it a bad day at the office for Liberal leader Stephane Dion
January 24, 2007 (Gazette): Maybe Segolene Royal is not ready for the world stage just yet
January 22, 2007 (Gazette): PM passes Year 1 test
January 19, 2007 (Gazette): Harper's payment gives Charest ammo for next election
January 17, 2007 (Gazette): Layton's balancing act
January 15, 2007 (Gazette): Liberal bad blood
January 12, 2007 (Gazette): Charest and Harper have two ways to play fiscal-imbalance issue
January 10, 2007 (Gazette): NDP lucks out
January 6, 2007 (Gazette): Good fix, good fit

December 30, 2006 (Post): Advantage: Charest
December 30, 2006 (Gazette): Westward ho! - and how
December 28, 2006 (Gazette): Stephen vs. Stephane
December 22, 2006 (Gazette): Quebec election will come before the federal one
December 20, 2006 (Gazette): Leaders woo Quebecers
December 18, 2006 (Gazette): Playing politics with soldiers
December 15, 2006 (Gazette): Shuffling the deck
December 13, 2006 (Gazette): Opposition will have explaining to do if it brings down government
December 11, 2006 (Gazette): If Liberals are the party of the charter, Tories are party of BNA Act
December 8, 2006 (Gazette): RCMP have a long history of ruining reputations
December 6, 2006 (Post): Don't count out Quebec's native son
December 6, 2006 (Gazette): Six Kennedy delegates proved his undoing
December 3, 2006 (Gazette): Dion caught all the breaks
December 1, 2006 (Gazette): Here's what candidates must do in their speeches today

November 29, 2006 (Gazette): Get ready for a wild ride on Saturday
November 27, 2006 (Gazette): The 'Quebec nation' is symbolic - but symbols matter
November 24, 2006 (Gazette): Harper shows Liberals a way out of the quicksand
November 23, 2006 (Gazette): A majestic moment
November 20, 2006 (Gazette): Harper government has too much on its plate for a minority
November 17, 2006 (Gazette): Environmentalists full of hot air
November 15, 2006 (Gazette): The convention is now Ignatieff's to lose
November 13, 2006 (Gazette): Inside the right
November 10, 2006 (Gazette): Politics sometimes can be exciting in the Other Place
November 8, 2006 (Gazette): NDP, Tories make strange bedfellows on environment
November 6, 2006 (Gazette): The vote is all about Bush, and the Republicans are worried
November 3, 2006 (Gazette): Harper takes a hit
November 1, 2006 (Gazette): Kennedy and Dion are shaping up as kingmakers
November 1, 2006 (Post): The Iggy and the damage done

October 30, 2006 (Gazette): Some days, it's more like Porky's than Parliament
October 27, 2006 (Gazette): What was Ignatieff thinking?
October 25, 2006 (Gazette): Duceppe is feeling frisky
October 23, 2006 (Gazette): Former premier sure knows how to get a lot of attention
October 20, 2006 (Gazette): Bad news for Stephen Harper
October 16, 2006 (Gazette): Michael Ignatieff would be wise to watch his mouth
October 13, 2006 (Gazette): Ma Bell gets back to basics
October 11, 2006 (Gazette): Conservatives are off to good start with Clean Air Act
October 6, 2006 (Gazette): Rona Ambrose's environmental challenge
October 4, 2006 (Gazette): Thinning out the herd
October 2, 2006 (Gazette): Remembering Robert Bourassa

September 29, 2006 (Gazette): Forest industry is a Kyoto success story
September 27, 2006 (Gazette): Liberal leadership now entering horse-race mode
September 25, 2006 (Gazette): Please, do not abandon us
September 22, 2006 (Gazette): Harper sells to the world, and back home
September 21, 2006 (Osprey): It's the gun, not the registry
September 20, 2006 (Gazette): Lord missed his chance
September 18, 2006 (Gazette): Sound and fury
September 17, 2006 Gazette): New Democratic Party rooted firmly in the past
September 13, 2006 (Gazette): Bob Rae has found his new political home with the Liberals
September 11, 2006 (Gazette): A clash of civilizations
September 8, 2006 (Gazette): When it comes to Quebec, Ignatieff just doesn't get it
September 6, 2006 (Gazette): Jack Layton is out to lunch on Afghanistan
September 1, 2006 (Post): Change the Quebec message
September 1, 2006 (Gazette): Michael Igantieff's way with words

August 30, 2006 (Gazette): Don't bet on elections for this fall
August 28, 2006 (Gazette): Harper has a new Top 3 for the fall session of Parliament
August 18, 2006 (Gazette): Harper is right to refuse troops to Lebanon
August 16, 2006 (Gazette): And then there were 10
August 11, 2006 (Gazette): Harper plans Clean Air Act as substitute for Kyoto
August 7, 2006 (Gazette): Tough new rules hamper fundraising by Liberals
August 4, 2006 (Gazette): Harper's stand giving Liberals trouble with Jews
August 2, 2006 (Gazette): Foreign policy has defined Harper's first months in office

July 31, 2006 (Gazette): There's no majority for Harper in latest poll numbers
July 28, 2006 (Gazette): Premiers' meeting develops some substance
July 25, 2006 (Gazette): Escape from Lebanon: a job well done
July 24, 2006 (Gazette): Harper's moral clarity
July 22, 2006 (Osprey): Harper realigns foreign policy
July 21, 2006 (Gazette): Front-runner to replace Klein sees a kinder, gentler Alberta
July 19, 2006 (Gazette): Lougheed sounds alarm
July 17, 2006 (Gazette): BlackBerry madness claims another victim
July 14, 2006 (Gazette): A boy named Steve goes home to an adoring throng
July 10, 2006 (Gazette): Harper had the luck to be elected PM in a time of plenty
July 7, 2006 (Gazette): Good reviews for Harper
July 5, 2006 (Gazette): Polls hold good news for Charest, but he must be careful

June 30, 2006 (Gazette): A decade-old rite of summer draws to end
June 23, 2006 (Gazette): National Idle
June 21, 2006 (Gazette): Harper at top of his game in the House
June 19, 2006 (Gazette): Liberals lethargic in opposition
June 16, 2006 (Gazette): Struggling to find their way out of the wilderness
June 14, 2006 (Gazette): Our overheated economy will force us to manage success
June 12, 2006 (Gazette): Tories have a lot on their plate
June 9, 2006 (Gazette): Harper's excess zeal unfair to transition team worker
June 8, 2006 (Gazette): Equalization paper goes to Conservative core concerns
June 6, 2006 (Gazette): Canadian immigrants must leave their cultural grievances at home
June 2, 2006 (Gazette): Harper would be smart to go green

May 31, 2006 (Gazette): Harper giving up big advantage with fixed election dates
May 29, 2006 (Gazette): A conservative statesman
May 26, 2006 (Gazette): Alberta's money problem
May 24, 2006 (Gazette): Stephen Harper needs someone to tell him when to lighten up
May 23, 2006 (Osprey): Charest's miscues lethal?
May 22, 2006 (Gazette): The first 100 days: Harper hit the ground running during his first months in office...
May 19, 2006 (Gazette): Commons debate shows nasty times are here again
May 17, 2006 (Gazette): Afghanistan debate? Bring it on!
May 15, 2006 (Gazette): Useless polls
May 12, 2006 (Gazette): Elizabeth May is a tree-hugger to be reckoned with
May 10, 2006 (Gazette): McGuinty comes across as a whiner
May 8, 2006 (Gazette): Poll numbers are whispering sweet somethings in Harper's ear
May 5, 2006 (Gazette): PM's balancing act dazzles Quebec
May 3, 2006 (Gazette): Finance Minister Flaherty passes the competence test
May 1, 2006 (Gazette): Premiers get a taste of Harper's negotiating style

April 28, 2006 (Gazette): Both sides win and both sides lose
April 26, 2006 (Gazette): Flag flap is just that - a flap
April 24, 2006 (Gazette): Harper has chance to leave Canadians a green legacy
April 21, 2006 (Gazette): Harper signals turning point in managing country
April 19, 2006 (Gazette): Bob Rae will be a serious contender to lead the Liberals
April 13, 2006 (Post): Three years of Jean Charest
April 12, 2006 (Gazette): New rules put squeeze on civil servants, political aides
April 10, 2006 (Gazette): Harper a natural
April 7, 2006 (Gazette): Harper gives Quebec major billing in Throne Speech
April 5, 2006 (Gazette): Surprise! No surprises in Conservatives' Throne Speech
April 1, 2006 (Gazette): A solid debut for Harper on the international stage

March 31, 2006 (Gazette): The press and the PMO need to take a Valium
March 29, 2006 (Gazette): The Bush administration turns the page

February 10, 2006 (Post): And Montreal makes 3

January 31, 2006 (Post): Stephen Harper's Quebec
January 21, 2006 (Post): Bienvenue, Monsieur Harper
January 10, 2006 (Post): Putting 'les bleus' on the map


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