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Harper's foreign policy

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The Liberal renewal

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Policy Options, published by the Institute for Research on Public Policy, is Canada's premier public policy magazine. Its goal is to encourage an informed debate on the important public policy issues of today, and of tomorrow. In each edition, short articles on the immediate issues that dominate the headlines are combined with in-depth analyses of longer-term issues that are certain to emerge on the policy horizon. Policy Options is published ten times per year.

June-July 2012

This month, Policy Options ranks the top provincial premiers of the past 40 years. The issue includes an exclusive interview with the winner, Peter Lougheed, as well as an overview of the ranking process and numbers by Jeremy Leonard. Several of the 30 jurors, including Tom Axworthy, Lee Richardson, Hugh Segal, Brian Topp Roger Ouellette and John Parisella (many of whom worked with the winning premiers, write from their personal perspectives.

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May 2012

This month, Policy Options looks at the 2012 federal budget. The cover package features a Q & A with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, and there are contributions from a host of analysts and experts including Kevin Lynch, Bruce Carson, Jack Mintz, Tony Clement, Tyler Meredith and Thomas J. Courchene, and Scott Reid.

Elsewhere, Robin Sears examines the challenges Thomas Mulcair faces as Jack Layton's successor, Andrew Balfour discusses what he saw at the NDP convention in March, Jocelyn Maclure questions the student movement against tuition fee increases in Quebec, and much more.

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